A NEW BREED OF DISTRIBUTOR for Data storage and cybersecurity

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A new breed of Distributor providing Data Storage and Cybersecurity solutions

Titan is a new breed of data storage and cybersecurity distributor, with highly motivated, proactive sales people, supported by technical expertise that provides the reseller and MSP with pre-sales consultancy, end-user engagement, system design and configuration, on-site maintenance and support. 

At Titan Data Solutions we help store, manage and protect our resellers’ customer data, and we help protect their systems from cyber threats. We do this by combining carefully selected vendor offerings into a long-term strategy for wide-scale coverage of data management and system security.

We supply all aspects of data infrastructure from compute and hyperconverged infrastructure, to high performance storage and backup and archive, whilst providing a complete range of cybersecurity service packages and solutions from certified providers via the Titan Cybersecurity Centre - including 24/7 full managed services, MDR (managed detection and response); SIEM, vulnerability scanning and management; WAF (Web Application Firewall); security audit, penetration testing and other cybersecurity certification and professional services.



Our core vendor set caters for full end to end solutions from the datacentre to the edge, from hyperconverged infrastructure, compute and high performance storage, through back up, 2nd copy and complete archiving solutions. Our in-house experts will guide you through pre-sales project scoping, installation and knowledge transfer, through to post-sales support.


Managing storage and data is one of the most pressing challenges organisations face today, and our portfolio caters for both file systems and data analysis to help address these challenges. Firstly by using data analytics we can help to optimise storage resource allocation and utilisation. Then by providing full workflow systems to manage data throughout its lifecycle, we can deliver the required balance of high performance, data protection, scalability and cost.


The Titan Cybersecurity Centre™ is a distribution hub for cybersecurity service packages. We offer our resellers and MSPs a full range of services from certified providers, for onward sale to end-customers. These services take the end-customer's cybersecurity to the next level and save costs over alternative approaches. From "full managed services", for the whole security stack including antivirus and firewalls, to specialised areas such as MDR (managed detection and response) and outsourced patch management, we cover a full range of managed service requirements for both small and large organisations. Our professional services in addition cover many project areas including Security Audit, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, anti-phishing simulation and the obtaining of certifications such as Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001. 

For more information on our vendor set and services get in touch with our sales team today!

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The new breed of cybersecurity distributor should extend the distributed service package concept to include these full managed service options, while recognizing that each customer at this level will require a more or less tailored approach, with specific workflows and use cases.


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A cybersecurity services distributor can add important value for a reseller or MSP by selecting and maintaining relations with multiple SOCs, and then providing the best services with the best prices and the best contractual terms based on the distributor’s purchasing power.

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Making the resale of cybersecurity managed and professional services an attractive reality for resellers and MSPs.

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