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Titan Data Solutions is your value added distribution partner for data storage solutions across SMB and Enterprise platforms. Our core vendor set caters for Primary Storage, Backup 2nd Copy and Archive, enabling us to offer full end to end infrastructure solutions for your customers. Our in-house experts will guide you through pre-sales project scoping, installation and knowledge transfer, through to post-sales support.


Titan Data Solutions Management

With the exponential rise in data growth expected to reach 163 zettabytes by 2025, end users must consider how they are going to both store and manage their data. Titan Data Solutions can help with a suite of storage vendors that are responding to this rapid data growth, with features including: deduplication, unified storage platforms, hybrid cloud storage, long-term archival storage and an array of data movers, both physical and virtual.



Titan Data Solutions provide Solutions and Packaged Services to counter modern cyber threats, system failure and disaster. Packaged Services enable our partners to reduce the cost of cybersecurity and compliance for their customers, while at the same time simplifying implementation of the most modern Solutions