We pride ourselves on our expert technical ability, and aspire to bridge the gap between manufacturer, reseller and the end user.


We incorporated Titan Data Solutions in November 2018 as a team of four who had worked together for many years and built a £60m division, knowing that we could do it better and wanting to create a new breed of distribution business that didn’t simply sell part numbers but excelled in selling solutions.

In partnership with Eset we have introduced our new distribution concept, the “Cybersecurity Competency Centre”, focusing on the integration of advanced, packaged services, at the distributor level, to truly support partners and end-users with affordable, 24/7 threat detection and response.

And by focusing on our reseller and vendor relationships, and ensuring our staff are technically strong, we are breaking the habits of well established distributors and giving the channel an alternative source.

We are a truly new breed of distributor.


"We have a concise technology portfolio, supported by margin-rich and market-leading vendors"


TITANS ‘best practice’ rule for data storage

We have a concise technology portfolio, supported by margin-rich and market-leading vendors, imitating dataflow through the types of blue-chip corporations our reseller community focus on and structured according to the 3-2-1-1 industry known ‘best practice’ rule for data storage. This rule ensures the end user IT Department stores three copies of their data - Primary, Secondary and Archive - on two types of media (hard disk and tape), one copy onsite and one copy offsite.


From pre-sales consultancy to system design and configuration, all our hardware solutions are built and tested in-house prior to despatch and sold with onsite maintenance and support contracts for end customer peace of mind, delivering recurring revenue for our reseller.


Our business development team visit all sales floors, sharing technical advice, running training days and events, focused around upselling technology, rather than simply selling part codes, making resellers more relevant to their end users who are being chased by the masses trying to sell the same low margin vendor sets.


Ultimately, it’s always going to be about what’s best for the end user. It’s not just about margin; it’s all about providing a richer service and greater value to the end customer. The better-informed end users are, the better chance our resellers have in keeping them up to speed with technology developments and retaining their business.  And when it comes to data storage and addressing the increased demands being placed on the end users’ business, Titan Data Solutions has all the tools, expertise and capability to ensure our VARs close the deal and keep the business.


Ben Jackson TITAN Data Solutions

Ben Jackson, Managing Director and proud owner of two Chihuahuas

Ben has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and an unrivalled expertise in the data storage market. In forming Titan, he was determined to create a new breed of Distributor, with service and solutions as the core proposition, rather than the traditional 'part number and price' approach.

Although he likes to portray a tough exterior, he can be seen most weekends being pulled along as he walks his two tiny dogs.

Steve Low TITAN Data Solutions

Steve Low, Sales Director and eternal optimist

Steve has more than 10 years experience in Sales, in his last role managing a Solutions Sales Team generating over £60m annual sales. At TITAN he has created, and is continuing to develop, an experienced service and solutions based team that is an integral part of TITAN'S new approach to the market.

When it comes to his beloved Manchester United, his strong commercial acumen and fact based approach to business, seems to be replaced by an eternal optimism that they will win something one day soon.

David Treadwell TITAN Data Solutions

David Treadwell, Solutions Director and NFL fan

David is vastly experienced in all aspects of data storage and management with more than 15 years experience in Sales, Product and Business Development roles. His solutions and service led approach is the cornerstone of TITAN'S refreshing new approach to Distribution.

Intelligent with an innate ability to address complex business issues, his love of the NFL game should come as no surprise. It's either that, or his insomnia and very high boredom threshold.

Harry Berner TITAN Data Solutions

Harry Berner, Commercial Director and West Ham fan

Harry was one of the founders of TITAN and is vastly experienced in the key data storage technologies. Having started his working career as an Account Manager, Harry understands the UK reseller market and the products and services proposition they need to meet their end user customers needs.

He likes nothing more than to spend Monday mornings chatting to his office colleagues about the weekend's success for West Ham - but it doesn't happen that often.

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