Tape Back Up

Coldplay are still Going Strong – and so is Tape Back Up!!

October 27, 2019

In 2000, Y2K, the infamous “millennium bug” was expected to cause global chaos, we saw Big Brother for the first time on our screens and Coldplay released their debut album and inspired a generation of singer songwriters. In the same year, but with maybe a little less widespread public interest, LTO magnetic tape cartridges were first introduced with a whopping 100GB capacity… yes 100GB!

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CRN Nomination

TITAN Nominated for Storage Distributor of the Year

September 25, 2019

In August there was industry recognition of Titan’s impact since opening for business with a nomination for the CRN Storage Distributor of the Year, alongside some of the big names in the industry.

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Storage Awards Winners

TITAN Data Solutions Wins “One to Watch” Award

August 17, 2019

On a warm night in June 2019, at the Storage Awards, or the Storries XVI as it is better known, held at the Leonardo Royal City Hotel in London, Titan Data Solutions won the much coveted ‘One to Watch’ award. This award recognises companies who are already making a big impact in the industry, but who are also viewed as organisations expected to be an important part of the storage market in the future.

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Quantum LTO M8

TITAN Data Solutions Now Pre-Formatting LTO7 M8 Media

July 7, 2019

In late 2017, LTO-8 tape was released. LTO8 tape media doubles the native capacity from its previous generation to 30TB. At the same time “Type M” media was introduced. Type M is an initialised LTO7 cartridge which has been formatted to increase available storage capacity from 6TB to 9TB, when used in LTO-8 drives.

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