Making Service Affordable

Essential Security

These threat detection and response services are essential for security, but they are provided by people with rare skills who are in short supply. In order to make these services economically viable for small to medium sized companies, they must be packaged and distributed in a form that enables scale while retaining quality. Technology enables the packaged service delivery, for example by remote sessions; but also new types of supply lines and contracts are needed – which keep the reseller or MSP firmly in the driving seat in dealing with their end-customer, while at the same time allowing the delivery of service most efficiently on a direct line from source to the point of need.

Sourcing and integration of packaged services is the new added-value in cybersecurity distribution. This is very different from merely employing a technical support team. Titan Data Solutions carefully integrates certified service providers with its solutions portfolio, under a standardised SLA supply agreement, and takes responsibility in front of partners and end-users for the delivery of the standardised service packages on-quality and on-time.

Packaged services from Titan Data Solutions include remote threat detection and management; incident response services; and technical support. Services are provided with SLA agreements, that define the content and response times. The packaged services are available for use only in conjunction with the IT security products which are supplied by Titan Data Solutions, as the two areas are integrated into one solution family – one “Cybersecurity Competency Centre”.

The contract basis for supply of packaged services is slightly different from the simple software licence or subscription, or even from a SaaS model. In some ways it is simpler, and it has to be, because the service is constantly flowing from the provider to the end-user or MSP which is the point of need. Hence the Titan Data Solutions contract structure is triangular, for direct supply of the service package under SLA from Titan Data Solutions to the end-user, with the financial commission to the sales partner on an ongoing basis. This is the optimum arrangement for the partner – the regular sales income, the ownership and management of the customer account, but with liability for ongoing service provision (not a trivial matter!) left squarely with Titan Data Solutions.

For partners, presenting Titan Data Solutions packaged services to customers should be as straightforward as presenting our cybersecurity software products. Our marketing tools define the services packages, which can also be trialled for a limited period. Billing can be monthly, quarterly or annually.