Importance of Packaged Services

24/7 Threat Detection

Technology to detect threats is now available from multiple vendors, but the technology can be a waste of money for small and mid-size companies if it produces a complex warning without the full range of packaged, affordable services to understand and deal with that warning in time. While MSPs provide many valuable services, they too will often need guidance to understand deeply, evaluate and act upon a potential threat detection report. And the threat detection should run 24/7, since many attacks occur at night, so the packaged service approach brings great value.

Many small and medium-size companies with less than 6,000 users have the same serious security requirements of larger organisations, and live in a similar threat environment, but cannot justify an advanced IT security team or a large budget for a managed service. Threat detection products may produce warning information and reports, or may even suggest a response to a situation, but organisations need expert human support, on-time and on-quality - in the form of economic, packaged services - to understand, qualify and counter perceived IT Security threats as they happen, without breaking the bank! 

These packaged services must not only provide understanding and advice in different situations, but must also provide a basis for a designated manager to take responsibility to do the right thing according to the facts and the timeliness of a possible threat report - all the way from further investigations, to mitigating actions, to immediate suspension of a compromised service or commencement of post-breach business processes.