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Alert Logic is part of the Titan Data Solutions Cybersecurity Centre

"Almost half of businesses (46%) report having cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months."

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport: Official Statistics. Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2020. Updated 26 March 2020

What is the Titan Cybersecurity Centre™?

The Titan Cybersecurity Centre presents a new, simplified and more cost-effective approach to cybersecurity, for resellers and MSPs to support their end-user customers both today and for the long term.

Titan distributes managed service packages from SOCs (security operations centres), which are standardised, affordable and scalable. These service packages are distributed like products, but with the commercial support that services require.

Assembled by Titan from leading vendors, the service package modules can be used together, or separately. Optimal use is made of the end-user’s IT security budget, by

  • Assigning just the right type of security to each endpoint, according to risk level
  • Utilising shared expert security engineers from SOCs, for 24/7 managed services

Using this approach, the latest cybersecurity defence technologies are focussed to areas of maximum need and can be rapidly implemented.

Titan Data Solutions provide a cost-effective approach to cybersecurity resellers and managed service providers

"Titan is a trade-only distributor and is fully committed to supporting its network of resellers and MSPs."


For MSPs, Titan’s service packages can be built seamlessly into the overall MSP service offering for end-users of all sizes, extending cybersecurity services into new important areas such as MDR (managed detection and response), vulnerability management and penetration testing, without large investments and risks.


For resellers which do not offer their own cybersecurity services at all, Titan’s service packages represent an opportunity to develop new business and satisfy more of the end-customer’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity needs. Titan organises the presales support and implementation, while the SOC provides the services. In this way, resellers can easily start to sell recurring cybersecurity service contracts, without expensive investments in technical support resources.


The problem organisations face is not which cybersecurity product to buy, but rather how to avoid being hacked, how to find out quickly if there has been a breach, how to respond to a breach and how to satisfy all the compliance and cyber-insurance requirements. Achieving optimal resolution of these requirements within a limited budget is the real Cybersecurity Problem.

The objective of the Titan Cybersecurity Centre is to provide a 24/7, service-centric approach to resolving the Cybersecurity Problem. We believe that for the foreseeable future expert human oversight will be needed on a continuous basis, to counter creative, organised and motivated human hackers and to eliminate distracting false-positive automated alerts. That is why Titan has negotiated standardised service packages from UK-based SOCS, to organise a comprehensive solution strategy, using shared resources, which is affordable, scalable and simple to understand. We believe this approach leads to the most cost-effective and secure solutions for small and medium-sized companies, and also provides important contributions to the security strategies of larger enterprises.

Endpoint Security (servers, workstations, laptops) key service package areas:-

Titan Cybersecurity Infographic

Titan Cybersecurity Centre offers service-based solution modules (including SaaS) from Alert Logic and DigitalXRAID, which can be used separately or together:-

Alert Logic is part of the Titan Data Solutions Cybersecurity Centre
  • Asset discovery, Vulnerability Management, Extended Endpoint Protection
  • MDR – managed detection and response for critical assets
  • Assignment of SOC security engineer to Enterprise security team
  • Managed web application firewall
DigitalXRAID Logo
  • UK-based, CREST accredited SOC 
  • Managed and Professional Services
  • 24/7 Incident Response - takes on IR security actions arising from MDR alerts
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
  • External Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment
  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • External Web Application Penetration Testing
  • HarpoonX Phishing Simulation & Training

The Solution

Faced with an increasing number of targeted cyber-attacks that can find their way around traditional antivirus protection, it is time for many businesses to upgrade their cyber security strategy to include a new layer of Managed Detection and Response (MDR), based on managed services from an expert Security Operations Centre (SOC). The SOC service needs to provide 24/7/365 monitoring, and rapid response when a serious threat is detected. And ideally, for UK end-users, the SOC should have a strong physical presence in the UK.

However, if a simple blanket approach is taken to the whole network, the cost of procuring these kinds of services may appear prohibitive for many organisations. One practical solution to this problem is to optimise the level of security within the network according to how critical each endpoint is. While 24/7 managed monitoring may be essential on some systems, the cost of that level of attention may be impossible to justify for a large number of laptops being used in the field. For these laptops, security may be sufficiently uprated by adding solutions that are less expensive, such as vulnerability scanning and management, and a layer of endpoint behavioural analysis based on machine learning. A total solution today needs to encompass and support these different use cases, in order to bring the latest techniques now to the points where they are most needed, within an affordable overall package of uprated measures.

The Titan Cybersecurity Centre has entered into an agreement with Alert Logic®, which has a UK-based SOC as well as a USA-based SOC, in order to distribute a modular portfolio of cybersecurity service packages via its resellers to end-users

Titan Cybersecurity Solution

These packages work alongside the end-user’s existing antivirus and other security products. This enables a very rapid deployment, avoids the need for any costly replacement project, and also retains the end-user’s freedom to replace the antivirus layer whenever that may become desirable.

Alert Logic® Essentials

Security for endpoints (servers, laptops, workstations): asset discovery, vulnerability analysis scanning, Alert Logic® Extended Endpoint protection, and more.

Alert Logic® Professional

For on-premise and cloud-based critical endpoints, such as servers, for example in production, back-office and e-commerce environments: MDR 24/7 threat monitoring with 15-minute response, as well as all the other services from Essentials

Alert Logic® Enterprise

For larger enterprise customers, an assigned security expert from the SOC, as an extension to the in-house team, with Threat Hunting, and all the other services in Professional. There is also an option of a Web Application Firewall (WAF).

"For resellers looking after their customers’ IT needs, there is an opportunity to deliver this new layer of security services in a simple and straightforward way"

Titan Cybersecurity Reseller

For resellers looking after their customers’ IT needs, there is an opportunity to deliver this new layer of security services in a simple and straightforward way - using standardised, packaged Alert Logic services, which are selected for resellers and distributed by Titan Data Solutions.

Titan Data Solutions can also provide different types of professional services to accompany the Alert Logic solutions, including penetration testing from independent SOCs and other types of training, reviews and consulting.

How does the Titan Cybersecirity Centre work?

Titan Data Solutions resells the service packages through its resellers and MSPs. Other contracting structures can be arranged too, as may be required by the reseller. Titan Data Solutions has selected top quality SOC services and has taken care of the complex vendor contracts required.

The Alert Logic MDR Professional solution works as below

Titan Cybersecurity How it Works


Agent programs on systems communicate detailed activity to a central server. Network traffic is also monitored.


Activity data is processed rapidly on the server, where a rules engine is used to determine suspicious activity and create necessary alerts in real time.

Security analysts

Security analysts in Alert Logic’s SOC receive potential incident information via a secure link and carry out analysis, triage and escalation. False positive threat identifications are removed. Latest intelligence about threats is used in the analysis.

high-severity threat

When a high-severity threat is established, escalation to the end-user takes place within a 15-minute window from the threat verification. Information and recommendations are supplied to the end-user about the threat identified, so that steps can be taken straightaway to avoid or mitigate damage.


Lower-severity incidents and items for investigation are reported separately.

Alert Logic Threat Detection

For the cloud, Alert Logic solutions integrate with AWS and Azure cloud providers, to enable automatic asset discovery, data collection and other automation. Alert Logic has pre-approval from AWS to allow end-users to use the Alert Logic software for scanning, and all instance types can be scanned. Containers are supported.

"End-users which already have expensive MDR arrangements in place may be interested in the opportunity for cost-savings which can arise from a move to a more cost-optimised solution."

End-users with as few as 25 network nodes (servers, workstations and laptops) are likely to find the Alert Logic solutions appropriate. Small companies with important security requirements may find this type of approach just as compelling as mid-size companies and larger enterprise companies. In addition to normal cybersecurity planning, the end-user requirement to acquire this type of solution can be triggered by a recent cybersecurity breach, vulnerabilities that have been discovered, compliance and regulatory requirements, and cyber-insurance demands. Additionally, end-users which already have expensive MDR arrangements in place may be interested in the opportunity for cost-savings which can arise from a move to a more cost-optimised solution.


DigitalXRAID is a UK-based cybersecurity specialist providing comprehensive cyber solutions, including a SOC which is certified, accredited and security-checked. The company is CREST approved, it is an IASME Gold Certified Company and it is ISO-27001, ISO-9001 and ISO-20000 certified. It is a CHECK Green Lit Company, it is a Cyber Essentials Certification Body for both CREST and IASME, and it is Cyber Essentials Plus Certified.

Titan acts as distributor for DigitalXRAID service packages and professional services. Titan sells DigitalXRAID services to its resellers and MSPs, for resale to end-user customers. DigitalXRAID provides these cyber services directly to the end-user customer, or to the MSP on behalf of the customer. Titan and DigitalXRAID are ready to assist the reseller or MSP with pre-sales work that may be required to successfully conclude sales of the DigitalXRAID services.

DigitalXRAID Services

DigitalXRAID service packages are available separately or within pre-packaged bundles:

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification (pass first time)
External Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment
External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
External Web Application Penetration Testing
HarpoonX Phishing Simulation & Training

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

  • Government-approved cybersecurity certification
  • Provides evidence for supply chain assurance
  • Meets National Cyber Security Centre security benchmark across five key technical controls: Boundary Firewalls, Access Control, Malware Protection, Patch Management, Secure Configuration

External Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Simulated hacking by certified experts to highlight weaknesses in internet-facing applications
  • Identifies all security vulnerabilities that violate the OWASP Top 10 In 2020: injection, broken authentication, sensitive data exposure, XML external entities (XXE), broken access control, security misconfigurations, cross-site scripting (XSS), insecure deserialization, using components with known vulnerabilities, insufficient logging and monitoring

  • Meets a number of vital regulatory requirements
  • Creates understanding of potential impact of security breach
  • Includes detailed reports of attack simulations, showing how a vulnerability can be exploited

External Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment

  • Ongoing threat assessment and reporting
  • Clear patch management plan
  • Proactively allows remediation of vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited
  • Enhances monitoring by integration of vulnerability awareness

HarpoonX Phishing Simulation & Training

  • Simulated phishing campaigns to create understanding of vulnerability to phishing threats
  • Utilises multiple attack vectors, such as payloads, credential harvesting and benign ransomware
  • Employee training via online portal, to improve awareness of phishing, at work and at home
  • Analytics provided, including number of email opens, clicks, and details of user credentials
  • Provides evidence that the company is taking steps to prevent phishing attacks

External Infrastructure Penetration Testing

  • Simulated hacking by certified experts to highlight weaknesses
  • Meets a number of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Creates understanding of potential impact of security breach
  • Helps reduce network downtime risks and improves business continuity
  • Tests the reactions of the managed detection and response system

Other Professional and Managed SOC Services

  • 24/7 Incident Response Service
  • Other SOC managed services
  • Cybersecurity professional services, available on day-rates
Protecting your Customers

Protecting the reseller’s customer relationship

Titan Data Solutions are ready to jump into conversations with the reseller and its end-user, with the permission of the reseller, to explain the SOC services and how they might be able to be put in place. Demonstrations and trials can be arranged. In this way Titan Data Solutions can take the hard work out of the sales process for the reseller, and look after technical discussions as required. When the customer decides to implement the solution, Titan Data Solutions can provide the professional services required for a complete project. The day-to-day end-user contact will be direct with the vendor’s SOC, for the provision of the contracted services. So, from the reseller’s point of view, once the sale is made, the implementation and support can be left to Titan Data Solutions and it's vendors.

Titan Cybersecurity Centre summary

The Cybersecurity Centre at Titan Data Solutions is a completely new approach to adding value in the distribution of cybersecurity solutions. This approach includes sourcing, standardising and integrating independent SOC services into affordable, packaged solutions for volume distribution by general IT resellers, VARs and MSPs. The Titan Cybersecurity Centre absorbs the technical and legal complexity, in order to make simple, affordable and easily-deployable service-based solutions for general distribution.

The Titan Cybersecurity Centre simplifies packaged for Resellers

Next Steps

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Titan Data Solutions offers resellers a profitable opportunity to upgrade their customers’ endpoint cybersecurity to a state-of-the-art, modular and cost-optimal solution, based on expert SOC services, without the need for specialised security engineers, technical support or other investment on the part of the reseller. Titan Data Solutions, as an established distributor, fully respects the reseller’s business relationship with its customer.  For the end-user, the service packages are an affordable and practical way to solve the problem of how to implement the necessary cutting-edge cyber solutions, to upgrade endpoint security and detect and respond straightaway to threats.

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