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In partnership with ESET we have introduced our new distribution concept, the “Cybersecurity Competency Centre”, focusing on the integration of advanced, packaged services, at the distributor level, to truly support partners and end-users with affordable, 24/7 threat detection and response; Threat Intelligence services and feeds; and Threat Hunting.

247 Threat Detection

24/7 Threat Detection and Response

Threat Intelligence services and feeds; and Threat Hunting.

The “Cybersecurity Competency Centre” offers channel-friendly and affordable TITAN SOC Services that take endpoint security to a new level, without reseller or customer investment in expert resources.


SMB Security Compliance and Efficiency

The “Cybersecurity Competency Centre” provides at total solution of service packages and software platforms for small and medium size organisations with up to 6,000 users. Remote and onsite services, managed services, server hosting and co-hosting, and professional services are available.

Why Cybersecurity Competency Centre?

Why You Should Choose TITAN

Threat detection and response is a new management priority, based on the reality of the advanced threat scenario all organisations face today.

Importance of Packaged Services

Many small and medium-size companies with less than 6,000 users have the same serious security requirements of larger organisations, and live in a similar threat environment, but cannot justify an advanced IT security team or a large budget for a managed service.

Making Service Affordable

In order to make these services economically viable for small to medium sized companies, they must be packaged and distributed in a form that enables scale while retaining quality.

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