Data storage
vendor portfolio

Our Data storage vendor portfolio is supported by margin-rich and market-leading vendors enabling us to deliver a best in class service.


Next-Gen Data Centre Solutions

In Search of Incredible


High-performance network and storage connectivity products

The power behind storage

Blocky for veeam

In fear of Ransomware, Blocky will protect you

Your Last Line of Defence


Shared Storage Solutions

for Collaborative Media Production Networks


Reliable enterprise storage

Highly reliable, cost-effective storage


“Best in class” data storage and archive solutions

lightning fast backup and restore


The speed to create. The capacity to dream.

Perfectly tailored workflow solutions for every creative project


Total network storage solution leading provider

Leveraging Digital Technologies


Backup & archiving, enterprise solutions, shared storage

Be Certain


Complete data protection for small businesses

Complete Data Protection


A single cost-effective hyperconverged solution

Servers, Storage and Virtualisation


Solid reliability and ironclad enterprise security

Data is in our DNA


Solutions for any data security need

Protect.  Backup.  Recover.  Analyze.


Transforming the way users manage data

Meeting data demands

Our Data storage vendor portfolio caters for Primary Storage, Backup 2nd Copy and Archive, enabling us to offer full end to end infrastructure solutions for your customers.

We help store, manage and protect our resellers’ customer data. We do this by combining carefully selected vendor offerings into a long-term strategy for wide-scale coverage of data management.

We have a concise technology portfolio imitating dataflow through the types of blue-chip corporations our reseller community focus on and structured according to the 3-2-1-1 industry known ‘best practice’ rule for data storage.

We offer a suite of storage vendors that are responding to the rapid data growth, with features including: deduplication, unified storage platforms, hybrid cloud storage, long-term archival storage and an array of data movers, both physical and virtual.

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