High-performance network and storage connectivity

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The Power Behind the Storage

For more than 30 years, ATTO has been an innovator in network and storage connectivity, from developing the first solid-state storage device to the latest data center appliances. ATTO develops high-performance products that manage latency in the most demanding real-time environments resulting in accelerated application performance and enhanced transaction processing. ATTO delivers performance-based solutions to applications, infrastructure, big data, cloud and virtualised environments, including:

  • Enterprise - Database, Web Servers, Back-Office Operations
  • Departmental - Business Analytics, Supply Chain, Asset Management
  • Business Continuity - Stretch, Metro and Campus Clusters
  • Workgroup - CAD/CAE, Video Production/Finishing, Scientific, Energy, Medical

High-performance network and storage connectivity products

ATTO manufactures the industry's broadest portfolio of high-performance network and storage connectivity products, designed and optimised to work together to help customers better store, manage, analyse and deliver data.

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Host Bus Adaptors

ATTO Host Bus Adapters

Celerity™ Fibre Channel HBAs and ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA HBAs provide faster and more efficient data transfers.

Network Interface Cards

ATTO Fast Frame

FastFrame™ 10/25/40/50/100 Gb Ethernet NICs provide flexible and scalable unified LAN and SAN storage connectivity.

Thunderbolt™ Adapters

ATTO Thunderbolt

ThunderLink® adapters enable high performance, low latency Thunderbolt connectivity to desktop and mobile workstations for network and storage connectivity.

Storage Controllers


XstreamCORE® Ethernet and Fibre Channel storage controllers disaggregate storage from compute by enabling remote access and sharing of SAS JBOD, JBOF, RAID, tape and optical devices.

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Simple, fast fabric connectivity to any storage

ATTO XstreamCORE® storage controllers are high-performance accelerated protocol conversion appliances that add shared storage benefits to SAS storage but at direct attached speeds.

Designed for Increased Flexibility

ATTO XstreamCORE is a solid state appliance that connects SAS SSD and Hard Drive solutions using standard JBODs, JBOFs or RAID arrays to Ethernet or Fibre Channel networks. Attach up to 960 total drives to multiple servers and assign drives on a drive by drive basis to one or many servers.

Simplified Management

Manage storage through in-band or out-of-band methods for flexibility and integration with most server-side software plus features such as ATTO Drive Map Director™ provide reliable, static storage configurations ensuring that operating costs are kept low and complexity is not a part of the solution.

Move Data. Faster.

Designed to push the limits on performance, XstreamCORE utilizes exclusive ATTO eCORE™and xCORE™ technologies to deliver up to 1.2M 4K IOPS or 6.4GB/s throughput per controller with extremely low latency.

Build a Cost Effective Infrastructure

ATTO XstreamCORE allows you to disaggregate storage from compute resources thus eliminating the expense of more servers and additional software licensing fees.  With a performance footprint that drives full racks of storage, it doesn’t take long before you become a hero for saving significant budget dollars.

Get longer life out of existing SAS Direct Attached Storage

When you have isolated SAS storage silos, XstreamCORE connects this stranded storage to shared Ethernet or Fibre Channel SANs allowing greater flexibility and usefulness. Even if there is no SAN installed the benefits that XstreamCORE will add are enormous including the ability to increase the speed at which live migration of virtual machines take between physical server hosts.